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Millstar Products - Carbide Insert Tool Holders

Millstar is proud to offer the largest selection of roughing and finishing ball nose, back draft, flat bottom and toroid milling cutters available from one source. Cylindrical and tapered carbide tool holders (up to 15 inch length) include the longest reach profiling tools available as standard catalog items. Benefits to you include superior machining accuracy, short lead time for delivery, and results that exceed your expectations. There are a number of carbide insert tool cutters that can be of service to your manufacturing needs.

Take a look at our carbide long reach profiling tools. These milling inserts are perfect for aggressive, high speed milling, and can be applicable to a large amount of materials. When you are faced with challenging milling operations in die and mold making, our carbide long reach profiling tools can be just the tool for you, along with many other applications that need precision tolerances, rapid metal removal rates, and incredibly smooth surface finishes.

The Millstar carbide button cutter is an excellent tool for both high and low velocity equipment and machinery. When needed, the hardened tool bodies can perform at aggressive spindle velocities and fast feed rates.

And the Millstar carbide shrink system is a remarkable grouping of tools to benefit your manufacturing processes. The carbide heads and shanks are interchangeable between inch versions or metric versions, allowing you to manufacture for the global market with precision, accuracy, and ease. The shank, made of carbide, provides strength and rigidity needed for your manufacturing process, while the shrink tolerances mean improved accuracy than the alternative - a screw-on system that is time-consuming and often less accurate than our Millstar products. When you get a Millstar product, you get a tool that works better, provides superior results, and often lasts longer due to durable, made in America manufacturing.

Carbide Long Reach
Carbide Steel Shank
Long reach + stiffness = high speed precision milling MILLSTAR® solid carbide Long Reach Tool Shanks and Precision Profile Milling Inserts designed for aggressive and high speed milling of a wide variety of materials. They provide the perfect solution for difficult milling operations in die and mold making, aerospace and many other demanding applications requiring fast metal removal rates, precision tolerances and the smoothest surface finishes.

Carbide Button Cutter
Carbide Button Cutter
Millstar face mills optimize milling performance on both newer high velocity machines and older slower equipment. The hardened tool bodies can be run at aggressive spindle speed and feed rates when used with Millstar's precision ground, strong and thick, round inserts with proven hard, high performance TLN or HSN tool coating.

Carbide Shrink System
Carbide Shrink System
Millstar's Shrink System offers versatility, strength and accuracy. The carbide shanks and heads are interchangeable between inch and metric versions-metric heads fit on inch shanks and inch heads fit on metric shanks. The 12mm and 1/2 inch shanks will accept any head that is the same diameter or smaller (see chart for connectivity). The carbide shank offers strength and rigidity and the shrink tolerances offer better accuracy than screw-on type systems. These tools are designed for high speed machining and hard metal machining and will allow for better tool life as well as better surface finishes.