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Millstar Products - Solid Carbide End Mills

Millstar's new High Performance and ultra-precise solid carbide end mills were specifically designed for High Speed, High Velocity and Hard Steel milling. Designed with specially selected premium sub-micron carbide substrate, special tool geometry and proprietary heat-defying EXALON tool coating, these tools are beating the best products the competition has to offer. Millstar is committed to high performance manufacturing that delivers exactly what you expect, every single time. Millstar understands that you need our mills to perform with ultra levels of precision and accuracy in your manufacturing operations, and so we design and manufacture our mills to the most exacting of specifications in order to ensure that when our product is in the hands of our customers, these Millstar products outperform every single time.

Our Millstar milling products are made in the United States of America, by American workers. More than that, our products are engineered in the United States of America as well. What this means is that at every level of our operations, our product is designed, developed, and manufactured with the hands and ingenuity of American workers, American workers that believe in delivering high quality products, and that consistently deliver with product quality that is second to none. What is more, because our products are manufactured in the United States of America, with our Millstar commitment to consistent high quality, our products last longer than our competitors while performing with greater precision and accuracy than our competitors.

Millstar milling products are the finest quality milling products you can procure on the marketplace. But nevertheless, our products are competitively priced. Millstar staff and technicians understand that you must always have an eye to your bottom line in making major manufacturing related decisions, including procurement. As a result, we take great care in our engineering labs to ensure that our products will be competitively priced in the marketplace. At Millstar, you will always get a great deal on your milling and tooling needs.

Solid Carbide End Mill Program

Square, Square Bull Nose

Ball Nose, BMS Z2 Angle 30°


Bull Nose Long Length

Ball-Extended Reach, Taper Nose

Square End Bull Nose

High Feed End Mills
High Feed

Ultra Precision End Mills
2 Flute Long Series Square End

4 Flute Long Series Square End

3 Flute 45 Degree (Aluminum)

2 Flute Long Series Ball Nose

4 Flute Long Series Ball Nose

4 Flute Variable Square End w/45° Chamfer

220 Degree 2 Flute Ball Nose

2 Flute Square End

4 Flute Square End

Ball Nose Taper Neck

High Performance Aerospace Aluminum End Mills