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Cole Tooling Systems, Inc. Non-Standard Order Policy
A non-standard order is defined as any order other than an order for standard inventory items with standard terms, i.e. blanket orders, non-inventory items, special coatings, unusual quantities, special terms, etc.

  1. Cole Tooling will provide a quote for each item on a non-standard order.
  2. Standard terms do not apply to non-standard orders, terms are as quoted.
  3. Delivery is as stated in the quotation.
  4. All non-standard orders must reference the quotation number on the purchase order.
  5. All purchase orders for non-standard orders are limited to one item unless otherwise specified.
  6. Returns will NOT be accepted on non-standard orders for any reason other than manufacturing defect (subject to Cole Tooling verification).
  7. Engineering changes or other changes (i.e. different coatings) will require a new quote and a new purchase order.
  8. Cole Tooling reserves the right to ship and invoice within 6% of the quantity ordered without exceeding the amount ordered unless otherwise specified.
  9. For non-standard orders with specified release dates, the final release may not exceed 6 months from the first release date. Any inventory that has not been released after 6 months from the first release date will be automatically shipped and billed.
  10. For non-standard orders with specified release dates, Cole Tooling reserves the right to manufacture and inventory the quantity ordered in whole or in part.
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Cole Tooling Systems, Inc. Return Policy
Our return policy is as follows:

  1. To arrange the return or exchange of an item, please call our Sales Department at (566) 573-9450 to request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA). Items returned without an RMA will not be accepted.
  2. Unused items are eligible for return within 6 months from invoice date (except as listed below).
  3. Special orders, diamond coated items, and discontinued items are not eligible for return.
  4. All items returned will be inspected before credit is issued. Cole Tooling Systems, Inc. reserves the right to refuse returns following inspection. All Cole Tooling Systems, Inc. decisions are final.
  5. Returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee unless an offsetting order is placed at the time of the return.
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