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Millstar Products - High Feed Indexable Milling Program

With new five- and six-axis CNC (computer numerical control) grinding technology, Millstar has been able to create some of the most sophisticated and complex geometries in use in the marketplace today. These geometries are going to dramatically improve your manufacturing processes. With this vast and meaningful improvement in grinding technology, high-feed tooling has been reborn better than ever before. Our products are the very definition of high-feed geometry. And this high feed geometry is producing a positive cutting edge out of a series of continuous radii, allowing for a precision and accuracy of cut that previously has not been available. Importantly, there is no tangent point that would otherwise serve to induce wear. The geometry must allow the chip to flow up and out of the cut in a quick and smooth motion. This groundbreaking cutting motion allows the use of heavy chip loads to achieve very high feed rates.

These high feed milling products are all manufactured locally in the United States of America. As a result of this "made in America" manufacturing commitment, Millstar ensures that our products are going to have the high quality you expect and deserve, along with a lasting power that ensures that these Millstar products will continue to work for you with high precision and accuracy long into the future - certainly, longer than our competitors.

Millstar products are made with exceptional precision and accuracy. Given that these tools are going to be used in your manufacturing processes in order to add precision and accuracy to your manufacturing, it is imperative that Millstar operates from a commitment to these pillars of modern manufacturing (precision and accuracy) at all times in our own manufacturing operations. And we do. Millstar is 100 percent committed to ensuring that our products do exactly what they are specified to do, with no variance whatsoever. As a result, you can trust Millstar products when you are engaging in the meaningful work you do in your manufacturing environment.

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