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Millstar Products - Indexable Milling Program for Aluminum Alloys

Millstar has an incredible selection of aluminum milling cutters that cater to the stringent needs of your advanced manufacturing processes and operations. The Millstar indexable milling program tools for aluminum alloys that we feature here at Millstar include shell milling cutters with and without side clearance, as well as end milling cutters with and without side clearance, affording you unprecedented opportunity to engage in your milling with precision and accuracy that the market has not yet seen before.

Our Millstar shell milling cutters allow your manufacturing operations team to perform cutting and tooling at a maximum RPM (revolutions per minute) of 20,000, providing precision manufacturing cutting and tooling with high spindle speeds, for operations that require high velocity machining.

What is more, our Millstar end milling cutters will allow for a maximum RPM of 30,000, providing even more manufacturing flexibility when dealing with high velocity milling operations. Few companies offer milling cutters that will function at such high RPMs with no diminishing in quality or accuracy.

Millstar also features modular screw-on heads both with and without side clearance, to provide the height of convenience to your manufacturing operations. Simply affix the heads to your existing manufacturing tool, and get ready for precision milling that your clients will be proud of.

These aluminum milling cutters, and indexable milling program tools for aluminum alloys, are all backed by the Millstar promise that all of our products are manufactured here in the United States of America. With all of our parts and products made in the United States of America, you can be assured that the Millstar products you purchase are of the highest quality. They will last longer than the products of our competitors as a result of the quality and high investment that we put into the product. And you can also feel confident knowing that you are improving and optimizing the quality of your business and your business's manufacturing processes and operations even as you contribute to a renaissance of manufacturing in the United States of America.

Indexable Milling Program Tools for Aluminum Alloys
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