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Millstar Products - Profile & Copy Milling Program

Millstar Profile Milling Tools represent the latest and most advanced in profile and countour milling technology, providing the competitive edges of shorter machining and lead times, and the important advantages of higher machining accuracy and true contouring results. Our profile milling tools have the distinct ability to handle nearly any relevant manufacturing application, due to our wide range of milling tools that can be applied to your specific milling need and goal.

There are many benefits to Millstar's outstanding profile milling tools, benefits to your manufacturing company that will immediately improve both your processes and your bottom line. Our better surfacing finishes mean reduced finishing work on your end, which saves you both time-consuming work and capital investments to run expensive equipment. Our faster run and feed speed means reduced machining time, which also contributes directly to your bottom line.

Another benefit to you when you purchase from Millstar is our increased tool life capacity. Millstar's tools last longer and work better longer because we manufacture our products with top quality materials. What's more, our products are made in America, by American workers, meaning we can oversee the quality of our manufacturing from top to bottom. As a result of our increased tool life, you benefit with reduced tool changes, and reduced cost as well.

Our milling is both accurate and consistent. As a result, you have reduced manual rework. The less rework you have, the more efficiently your processes run, saving you money and time while also allowing you to deliver your products to your customers faster with greater efficiency. Millstar products have balanced milling action and two flute efficiency. As a result, you benefit with greatly increased metal removal productivity as well as accuracy. Your manufacturing processes benefit end to end when you work with Millstar's high quality suite of profile milling tools.

Profile Milling Program Tools
program tools

Cylindrical Steel Shank Holder

Taper Steel Shank Holder

Spike-Line Cylindrical Steel Shank

Carbide Shank Holder, Cylindrical

Spike-Line Taper Carbide Shank Holder

Taper Carbide Uni-Shank Holder

Cylindrical Carbide Uni-Shank Holder

Screw-on Head - Ball & Flat

Solid Carbide Adaptor

Carbide Modular Shrink System


Copy Milling Program Tools


Cutting Parameters
Cutting Parameters