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2014-08-18 - Millstar

Millstar has introduced their most versatile cutting tool system to date: the Quad Force Machining series of carbide cutting tools. The QFM carbide cutting tool system performs 4 cutting actions in 1 expanding Millstar’s ability to provide superior cutting tool performance for diverse applications.

“The QFM series represents the next natural progression in chip making technology,” said Walter Stuermer, Millstar Tooling. “This tooling system is so versatile it can serve multiple, if not all industries in some capacity.”

A hybrid combination of high feed geometry, variable flute geometry, variable helix geometry and offset geometry, the QFM series is capable of performing high feed machining, trochoidal machining slide/slot milling and plunge milling.

“This single cutting tool allows for superior metal removal rates in soft or hard tool/die steels, stainless steels and titanium,” Stuermer said.

With the ability to perform 4 cutting actions in 1, the QFM series “provides outstanding usability and cost- and time-saving benefits to Millstar customers,” Stuermer said. “The tooling system eliminates the need for additional tools, decreases the number of required tool changes, decreases the tool library and simplifies the job for programmers.”

The QFM tooling system is available through, 586-573-9540 and 877-MILLSTAR.

Millstar Profile Milling Tools represent the latest in profile and contour milling technology. Resulting in shorter machining and lead times, higher machining accuracy and true contouring results, Millstar die and mold profile tools are designed for conventional profile machining and high speed and hard milling with modern machine tools and methods.

Millstar, an industry leader in producing profiling tooling and carbide cutting tools, is a subsidiary of The Cole Carbide Family of Companies, the leading manufacturer of precision-ground carbide cutting tool solutions and cutting tool systems.


Highfeed machining qfm Millstar QFM, high-feed milling.


SlideSlot Milling_QFM Millstar QFM, slide-slot milling.